Shenzhen Superbio Technology offers various FDA cleared clia waived instant drug of abuse screening items. Drug of Abuse products can be used in different places such as workplace, criminal, rehabilitation center and criminal justice environment etc. We can produce solid and custom-made rapid tests and OEM/ODM turn-key solutions to our clients around the World with our high technology facilities designed for immunology molecular biology and chemical synthesis. We are devoted to give the simple, basic, dependable and reasonable rapid test to the worldwide market and assist People with having simple access to those solid clinical diagnostics on time.

K2 Spice Urine Drug Test

This test detects synthetic marijuana which is also known as K2&Spice. K2 has been the first generation of synthetic cannabis to appear on the market.

• Major check for JWH-018, JWH-073
• Format: Dip stick
• Results in 5mins
• Most economical rapid on-site screening test
• For Forensic Use Only

Fentanyl Urine Drug Test

Fentanyl Urine Drug Test is used for early detection of Fetanyl in Urine samples. Fentanyl has potential as 100 times as of Morphine.

• Economical, rapid on-site drug test
• Vivid lines for easy to read results
• Format: Dip stick
• Results within 5 mins
• For Forensic Use Only

EtG Urine Drug Test

EtG is a direct alcohol metabolite (ethanol). Its presence in urine can be utilized to detect recent ethanol consumption, even after the ethanol level has dropped below a certain level. The presence of EtG in the urine is a sign that ethanol has been consumed. 

• Detection time:2 to 3 days after last intake
• Format: Dip stick
• For Forensic use only

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