Oral Fluid Multi-Drug Test Cup PLUS(Colloidal Gold)

Shenzhen Superbio Technology offers various FDA cleared CLIA waived instant drug of abuse screening items. Drug of Abuse products can be used in different places such as workplace, criminal, rehabilitation center and criminal justice environment etc. We can produce solid and custom-made rapid tests and OEM/ODM turn-key solutions to our clients around the World with our high technology facilities designed for immunology molecular biology and chemical synthesis. We are devoted to give the simple, basic, dependable and reasonable rapid test to the worldwide market and assist People with having simple access to those solid clinical diagnostics on time.

Oral Fluid Multi-Drug Test Cup PLUS(Colloidal Gold)

Oral Fluid Multi-Drug Test Cup Plus(Colloidal Gold) is a comprehensive device that tests for the existences of drug substance in oral fluid. This test is intended to be a straightforward solution and option in contrast to standard urine drug testing. It is suggested not to put anything in your mouth 10 min before the test.



• User friendly, easy to hold
• Built-in big sponge saturation indicator
• Fully sample response
• Results in 3-5 minutes

Multi Test

Screen up to 12 drugs


Specimen:Oral fluid
Test Format:Tube
Test time: 3~5 mins


Sensitivity Table

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