Superbio Infectious Disease Rapid Test

Shenzhen Superbio Technology Rapid Tests are able to detect infectious diseases, DOA, Inflammation, Cardiac Markers, Hormone, diarrhoea and Tumor markers etc…

Superbio Infectious Disease Rapid Test

Dedicated to provide the easy, simple, reliable, quality assurance and affordable rapid test solutions.

Superbio Rapid Test

Shenzhen Superbio Technology concentrated and devoted to the rapid test development in the medical industry. Superbio produces rapid tests for Infectious Disease, Tropical Infectious Disease, lnflammation, Gastrointestinal Disease, Cardiac Markers, Diarrhoea and Tumor Markers, etc.


Devoted to give the simple, basic, solid, quality confirmation and reasonable rapid test solutions.


Our mission is to be prominent in the global market while enhancing access to the clinical tests on time through our global distribution network.

Rapid Test Products

Shenzhen Superbio Technology Quality Control System

>QC of raw materials, including antigen, antibody, colloidal gold, NC membrane etc.
>Validation before manufacturing
>Optimization and validation in manufacturing process
>Validation before packaging of finished product and accelerated life testing
>Third Party Sampling Validation after packaging
>Sampling testing for kits from same batch and different batches: use a number of different negative samples and samples after addition of different levels of standards for testing to control within and between batch disparity.