EosCare Diagnostic Kit for Cardiac Troponin l(cTnl)

Clinical Significance

(Time-resolved Fluorescence lmmunochromatographic Assay)

Elevated troponin value indicates myocardial damage, which can be seen in acute myocar-dial infarction, unstable angina, pulmonary infarction, heart failure shock, and other diseases that cause myocardial damage such as pancreatitis, severe diabetic ketoacidosis, connec-tive tissue disease, etc.

Performance Parameter

Principle of Detection:Double antibody sandwich method
Type of Sample:Serum/Plasma/Whole Blood
Types of Anticoagulants:EDTA
Detection Range:0.1~40 ng/ml
Reference range:0~0.3ng/ml
Sample vol.:75µL
Assay time:15min
Shelf life:24 months
Precision within and between batches:Intra-assay CV ≤ 15%, Inter-assay CV ≤ 15%
Performance Parameter

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