EosCare Diagnostic Kit for Free T3

Clinical Significance

(Time-resolved Fluorescence lmmunochromatographic Assay)

T3 is a hormone synthesized and secreted by thyroid follicular cells. FT3 accounts for about 0.5% of T3. It can enter tissue cells through the cell membrane and exert physiological effects. Its concentration is consistent with the concentration of triiodothyronine in the tissue and the metabolic state of the body. It is also of diagnostic value for non-thyroid diseases.

Performance Parameter

Principle of Detection:Competition method
Type of Sample:Serum/Plasma/Whole Blood
Types of Anticoagulants:EDTA/Heparin/Sodium Citrate
Detection Range:0.60 ~ 45.00 pmol/L
Reference range:2.8 ~ 7.1 pmol/L
Sample vol.:75 µL
Assay time:15min
Shelf life:24 months
Precision within and between batches:Intra-assay CV ≤ 15%, Inter-assay CV ≤ 15%
Performance Parameter

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